The Inauguration of Language Lab

Inauguration of Language Lab- by Dr. Prabhas Samanta, ex-principal, SCBC College and Md. Ali, Governing Body Member

An introduction:

The first in the district of Murshidabad, our Language Lab was inaugurated on 20th May, 2018 by our ex-principal Dr.Prabhas Samanta and the Governing Body member, Md. Ali. It has been set up under the aegis of Dr.Shakil Ahmed Khan, ex-Teacher-in-Charge and Mr. Sudipto Mukhopadhyay, HOD, Department of English.

The main objective of this Multi-lingual Lab is to provide an interactive space to acquire the basic language and communicative skills throughlistening and comprehension. It is effectively used for skills of communication and beneficial for various levels of learners- beginners, intermediate and advanced. As of now we have built/gathered resources for three languages: English, Sanskrit and Urdu. It has an inbuilt facility to assess and map the trajectory of a learner’s growth and improvement in speaking and comprehension skills.

It allows a more inclusive monitoring of the learning abilities and each learner can work independently with the guidance of the facilitator. This is perhaps the most upgraded scientific method of developing Communicative Language skills that we have today. FrequentLanguage Workshops are conducted to make best use of the institutional resources.

Salient Features:

◾ Software: SANAKO STUDY 1200
◾ Hardware: 11 Desktops
◾ Communicative skills for: English, Sanskrit, Urdu
◾ Provisions for languages : Arabic, Hindi, French, German, Spanish

Future Plans:

Our future plan is to make this technological platform more effective for other languages offered in our institution and begin short-term certificate courses for Foreign languages like French, German, Spanish and other Indian Languages like Hindi and Arabic.

Linguistics Workshop II_ Practical Component @Language Lab