Session 2016-17

27th April, 2017- Alumni Meet 2017
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19th April, 2017- Workshop on Digital news: How an Online News Agency Works
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23rd March, 2017- Celebrating World Theatre Day

The Bricoleurs, English Literary Society of the Department collectively remembered the theatre activists of the world to celebrate this day.

A lecture- demonstration on the trajectory of theatre activism was delivered by Sudipto Mukhopadhyay, on this occasion.

We must believe in a sense of life renewed by the theater, a sense of life in which man fearlessly makes himself master of what does not yet exist, and brings it into being. And everything that has not been born can still be brought to life if we are not satisfied to remain mere recording organisms.


I call for actors burning at the stakes, laughing at the flames.

antonin Artaud

18th March, 2017- Oral Histories: It’s Trajectories and Possibilities

Jointly with IQAC, Faculty Development Programme, the Department organised this event where the faculty member Sudipto Mukhopadhyay gave an overview of the topic in concern referencing on the field experiences of Tribal oral narratives. The other presenter, Md. Dilwar Hossain, gave an audio-visual presentation on partition narratives based on his field experiences while working for Partition Archives. The students were introduced to a new segment of academia of oral history and documentation.

4th March, 2017- Polyphony of World Literature: A Student Seminar
February, 2017- Screening of A Tale of Two Cities (1980, a cinematic adaptation of Charles Dickens’ novel)
10th February, 2017- Rabindranath and his short stories by Dr. Dipan Das, Department of Bengali.

The speaker contexualises the contemporaneity and the significance of Tagore’s short stories.

3rd February, 2017- Workshop on “English Proficiency and Communicative Skills

The workshop was conducted by Alima Khatun, Anushua Chatterjee and Md. Dilwar Hossain with the selected students who were made to work in groups to hone their skills in the language. This was a practical component of the ESL workshop.

22nd January, 2017- Of histories and togetherness: Visit to Cossimbazar

10th January, 2017- Screening of Gupi Gayen Bagha Bayen [Dir: Satyajit Ray] {Interview of Satyajit Ray by Samik Bandopadhyay [view youtube link]}

21st December, 2016- Special Lecture on Feminism– by Sudipto Mukhopadhyay

20th January, 2017: Teacher Skill Development Programme for ESL Learners

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Linguistics Workshop I

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9th December, 2016- Remembering Baba Saheb Ambedkar: A tribute On his 60th death anniversary

Caste is not just a division of labour, it is a division of labourers.

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Speech in the Constituent Assembly (17th December, 1946) [From the Prasar Bharati Central Archives]
Dr. Ambedkar and His Democratic Movement: A Documentary (1990)
[Dir: Jabbar Patel]

The Department paid tribute to DR. BHIM RAO AMBEDKAR on his death anniversary through a lecture-demonstration by Md. Dilwar Hossain on his life, ideas and works. It was an audio-visual event which brought his oeuvre into life.

3rd November, 2016- Saadat Hasan Manto and Ismat Chugtai: The authors of resistances in Urdu Literature

The scholars from Department of Urdu of our institution, Dr. Shakil Ahmed Khan and Dr. Md. Mustaque, introduced the two authors and positioned them within the trajectory of literatures of resistances. {Interview of Ismat Chughtai- Prasar Bharati Archives [view youtube link]}

31st August, 2016- Screening of Mrs. Dalloway (1997; based on Virginia Woolf’s novel) [Dir: Marleen Gorris]