Session 2017-18

20th May, 2018- The Inauguration of LANGUAGE LAB
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4th May, 2018- Human Rights and Environment: Concerns and Possibilities

4-5th April, 2018- Parent Teachers meeting

19-20th May, 2018- Two-Day Workshop on Language and Technology
The Linguistics Workshop II was organized by Departments of English, SCBC College and Dwijendralal College in collaboration with School of languages and Linguistics, Jadavpur University
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19th April, 2018- Alumni Meet 2018
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19-23rd December, 2017- Educational Excursion to Purulia

Special Lecture Series 2017-18
16th February, 2018- Special Lecture on Postcolonial Literature by Auritra Munshi, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Raiganj; Event Coordinator: Rimpa Roy.
15th December, 2017- Feminisms: In Theory and Praxis by Abhijit Bhattacharyya, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Amar Chand Kundu College, Nabagram; Event Coordinator: Sudipto Mukhopadhyay.
24th November, 2017- On Eco-criticism by Partha Sarathi Guha, Department of English, Berhampore Girls College; Event Coordinator: Rajarshee Gupta.
10th January, 2018- Coloured America: A Student Seminar

ICT Lectures Series 2017-18
  • 8th January, 2018- On King Arthur, lecture delivered by Rimpa Roy
  • 17th November, 2017- On Medieval Drama
  • 11th November, 2017- Novel: An Introduction, lecture delivered by Anushua Chatterjee
  • 10th October, 2017- On Shakespearean Sonnets, lecture delivered by Rajarshee Gupta
  • 13-14th September, 2017- On Structuralism, lecture delivered by Sudipto Mukhopadhyay
  • 11th September, 2017- On York Play of Crucifixion, lecture delivered by Rimpa Roy

Student Seminar 2017-18
10th January, 2018- Coloured America: A Student Seminar

Film Screenings

9th September, 2017– Screening of Modern Times (1936) [Dir: Charlie Chaplin]
11th November, 2017– Screening of The Kid (1921) [Dir: Charlie Chaplin]

The deeper the truth in a creative work, the longer it will live.

charlie chaplin

It is very often nothing but our own vanity that deceives us.

21st September, 2017Screening of Pride and Prejudice (2005) [Dir: Joe Wright]

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others”

22nd September, 2017– Screening of Animal Farm (1999) [Dir: John Stephenson]

Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon ’em


12th September, 2017- Screening of Twelfth Night.

17th August, 2017- Screening of Documentary- SUKUMAR RAY (1987) [Dir: Satyajit Ray]