Session 2018-19

12th June, 2019- A Tribute to GIRISH KARNAD
Documentary on Girish Karnad, by Sahitya Academy [Dir: K.M. Chaitanya]

Team Bricoleurs paid homage to Girish Karnad by remembering his contribution to literature, visual culture and his immortal voice of protest through representation.

10th October, 2018- One day extended lecture on “Dharma: Some Aspects” by Basundhara Ganguli, Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, SCBC College; Event Coordinator: Rajarshee Gupta
22-23rd November, 2018- Literary Fest 2018 Read More》
tête-à-tête 2018
An Alumni Seminar

Film Screenings

19th March, 2019- Screening of Children of Heaven (1999) [Dir: Majid Majidi]
Read Review by Anurupa Pal, 4th Semester

4th December, 2018- Screening of Throne of Blood (1957; an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth) [Dir: Akira Kurosawa]

30th November, 2018Screening of Hirak Raja’r Desh’e (1980) [Dir: Satyajit Ray]