Session 2019-20

Online lecture series II, 13-17th April, 2020
Online Lecture Series I, 6-10th April, 2020

Skill Enhancement Workshop, 19-20th February, 2020

One of the events where our student, Anusuya Sarkar, volunteered to instruct the novice enthusiasts in the hands-on training two-day Workshop on Jute Handicrafts

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Educational Excursion to Cossimbazar

22nd January, 2020

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Screening of Bicycle Thief by Vittorio De Sica; 20th January, 2020

Antonio Ricci (to Bruno): “Do you fancy a pizza? Come on, then! Come on, let’s go! What the hell. We might as well go out in style. What’s the point in worrying about it all?”


The screening of Bicycle Thief [read more] was followed by a discussion on Italian Neo-realism [Read more]

Screening of Bekas by Karzan Kader; 2nd January, 2020

Zana: Brother, what are you looking at?

Dana: America

Zana: Who’s America?

Dana: America is a big city, Superman lives there. There are lots of tall buildings. They are tall enough to the moon.

The students were introduced to Kurdish cinema [read more] and the screening was followed by an engaging interactive session.

Zana: Dana, how do you know these things?

Dana: Idiot, I have studied English… English.

Zana: Ah, Dana. I also know America. Superman lives there.

Dana: Well said my brother… Superman speaks American. Now on we both have to live there.

Conversation between two brothers, dana and zana

Screening of Truffaut’s 400 Blows; 28th September, 2019

“Antoine Doinel: I need some money for lunch, dad. Only 1,000 francs.

Julien Doinel: Therefore you hope for 500. Therefore you need 300. Here’s 100. “

DIalogue between father and son

The screening was followed by a discussion on the film [read more] and New Wave Cinema in Europe [read more]

Tribute- Toni Morrison: In Memoriam ; 8th August, 2019

“We die. Thay may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.”

TOni Morrison
[Painting by Ripa Saha, inspired by the character of Pecola in The Bluest Eye]

The English literary Society, Bricoleurs, paid tribute to the Literary Stalwart with a screening of a documentary followed by a discussion on Toni Morrison [The Writer in America; dir: Richard O. Moore- click here], along with a presentation by Ripa Saha (2nd Year) on “A critical reading of The Bluest eye”.